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Blessed Unions Panel

Date: Friday, March 18th 2010
Time: 1130am-1pm
Venue: Brown Hall
Panel Chair: Blake Sanders
Panelists: John Hancock, Adriane Herman, and Anita Jung

Blessed Unions Panel Disucssion on the Official SGCI Website.

Abstract Excerpt

"Blessed Unions is an exploration of printmaking partnerships: fraternal, business, and romantic. The panel discussion will be informative, humorous, and helpful for perspective print pairs who wonder how they will make their partnerships work in starting a press together, setting up a business, or struggling with how to balance feedback and critique with support and love. The panel was conjured up as an opportunity to learn from successful couples as my fiancee and I begin our personal and professional lives together in a public forum which will benefit many others with similar concerns.

"How do artists maintain extended creative relationships? This is an important issue for young artists who find themselves drawn toward collaboration and courtship in the printmaking studio. Many artists wonder if it is possible for two makers to cooperate over the long haul. A good many young printmakers--perhaps wisely--avoid dating other artists for fear they could not balance their respective egos. The goal of this panel is to show that print pairings are not only possible to maintain, but that the support of a creative partner can actually spark production and encourage exploration in a medium which is itself rooted in collaboration--shared equipment, ever-evolving processes, and mutual discovery."

The Panelists

The panelists for "Blessed Unions" include John Hancock, of the Amazing Hancock Brothers, who will discuss how he and his brother Charles have balanced day jobs--in John's case professor of art at Mary Hardin-Baylor--with their wild, daring print creations. John will discuss how the brothers have collaborated on individual images as well as an image for their collaborations. There are a lot of similarities in their graphic sensibilities, and we will discuss the evolution of this aesthetic as well as its natural brotherly roots.

Also featured is Anita Jung, now Associate Professor at the University of Iowa, who has been with artist husband Tom Christison for many years. The teaching tandem has been a powerhouse in art departments at Ohio University and University of Tennessee before settling in their cul-de-sac in Iowa. It took nearly 25 years of partnership for the pair to reach this point and Anita will discuss their journey, as well as how she became the academic headliner of their all-star partnership.

The third panelist is Adriane Herman who is currently Associate Professor of Printmaking / New Media and Foundation Department Chair at Maine College of Art. She will discuss her independent endeavors investigating consumption through appropriation as well as her numerous collaborative efforts. She is co-founder ,with her partner Brian Reeves, of SlopArt, a retail gallery experience. Adriane's experience with both teaching and managing a successful art based business will help to round out our panel with a entrepreneurial perspective.