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Blessed Unions

Exhibition Reception!
Date: Friday, March 18th 2010
Time: 6pm-10pm
Venue: Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts
3151 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO
AFTER PARTY: Just across the street and down a few doors at El Lenador, 10pm-til

Blessed Unions and other official Cherokee Street Neighborhood Exhibitions are listed on the SGCI website.

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Blessed Unions is an exhibition focusing on the artwork of creative couples and prolific partnerships. The unions represented are, of course, not limited to the marital. Instead a variety of dynamic duos will be represented from married professors, to artistic entrepreneurs--both hitched and unhitched, to long-time friends and collaborators in the gallery and the classroom. The St. Louis conference, with its theme of Equilibrium, is the perfect time and place for this exhibition because the artists represented must maintain parity with their personal and professional lives, and balance their own ambitions with those of the pair.

The exhibition will feature the work of 12 twosomes of print partners. Here is the list of contributors as it stands:*

*NOTE: the above information and list of participating artists is quoted from our proposal to SGC. The Information may change faster than we have a chance to update it here. But we hope not! We sure hope that all of the above artists will be able to participate.

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