Symbiotic Construction
Etching and Aquatint
1.2m x 85cm (four panels, each 42.5cm x 60cm)

The cube as a symbol of matter and the earthly reality of man. The world and its natural resources appear represented as the rigid element that is emptied in different stages until exhausted and sink in itself.



Patricia Delgado

Born in 1973 on the island of Tenerife, the memories of her childhood are linked to those of her grandmother, a vision that will later be reflected in her work under themes such as childhood, memory, the passage of time and her trace.

At the age of twenty she declined her teaching vocation as a result of his contact and study of engraving in Belgium, making the intaglio engraving her hallmark and the backbone of his professional career. The multitude of countries traveled and known cultures open their eyes as an artist, gaining strength in their subject, the environment as a reflection of the triumphs and failures of human beings.