Encountering Our Indelible Mark

Encountering Our Indelible Mark was a featured exhibition at IMPACT 10: Encuentro in Santander, Spain. The exhibition features more than a dozen artists from around the world that address the encounters of humanity with itself, and our lasting impact on history and the planet.

Please visit the artist project links below or via the homepage. If you would like to learn more about the participating artists and their work please visit the links in the drawdown menu, under the Artists tab at the top of the site.

Todd Anderson               Charles Beneke               Sean Caulfield                Patricia Delgado

Roni Gross and Nancy Campbell          Emmy Lingscheit           Nicole Pietrantoni

Michael Reed                   Sercan Sahin                  Blake Sanders                 Hannah Sanders

Ericka Walker                  Melanie Yazzie 

Essays by the exhibition curators, Blake & Hannah Sanders, as well as by guest scholars Adriane Herman and Dr. Gary Machlis, can be found via the Essays tab at the top of the site.

Images from the Exhibition:

Images from the Installation:


Other Sights, Sites, and Scenes in Santander:

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September 1, 2018


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