Drawing is at the core of my artistic practice, whether it be with traditional tools such as charcoal, gesso and graphite; marks unfurled from birch plywood with woodcarving tools; or shapes built up layer by layer with up-cycled yarn made from printing scraps and re-purposed worn clothes and bedding.  Combined with fabric collage that is akin to quilting, my process allows for endless creation, destruction, and reconfiguration, giving me ultimate flexibility in the arrangement of forms and compositions. I am taken in by the allure of layered fabrics, printed from carved birch plywood with dense black ink, cut apart, and stitched together in new structures with bright embroidery thread. I like to approach creation indirectly, with many steps along the way, which allows for a great deal of flexibility and indecision.

My fabric collage creations as best understood as “quilted prints,” though the appliqué stitching process can take the work in many directions with the addition of stuffing, three-dimensional explorations, and the incorporation of found fabrics, lace, seed pearls, and other ephemera. Though I generally work large scale, the addition of silkscreened mark making to my quilted prints allows me to scale down my mark making, adding detail and intimacy to the work.

Any scraps from my process are re-purposed into my “Foot prints,” crocheted low-relief sculptures that embody the form of clouds/spills/storms, leaving little to no waste behind. Minimizing waste is essential to my work conceptually, as it combines an exploration feminist and family body politics with an investigation into environmental, often man-made catastrophes.




Assistant Professor of Art,
Area Head, Printmaking
Southeast Missouri State University
Managing Editor, MAPC Journal

Hannah March Sanders received her BFA at Tulane University and an MFA in printmaking from Louisiana State University. Along with her husband, Blake, Hannah operates http://orangebarrelindustries.com/, an artist collaborative that organizes portfolio exchanges, exhibitions and other art events.

In recent years, Hannah has exhibited work across the globe at the Printmaking in Graafika Festival in Estonia; The Shed in Galway, Ireland; Global Vision at Kyoto Seika University in Japan; New Narratives at the International Print Center New York; and 30 Years of LSU Printmaking at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans.

She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, where she teaches printmaking and drawing. She is also the Letterpress Area Coordinator of Catapult Press at a new arts entrepreneurship venture, Catapult Creative House, and managing editor of the Mid America Print Council Journal.

In her free time, Hannah likes to worry about what she should be doing with her free time, cook, and watch movies. She also enjoys rainy afternoons, 0.5mm black ink pens, and the smell of old books.