Portfolio Exchange: The Fallibility of Memory

Spring 2015, I co-organized an international portfolio exchange between faculty and students at Zayed University and Southeast Missouri State University with Joshua Watts, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Zayed University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

15 students from Zayed University and 14 students from Southeast participated in the exchange, creating prints on the theme “The fallibility of memory.” The exchange contains 34 11” x 14” prints and is an excellent example of a wide variety of print media as well as being a representation of how the medium of printmaking, a collaborative social art form, can bring people from across the globe together in the pursuit of art.

Faculty participants included the aforementioned Joshua Watts of Zayed University and Justin Henry Miller, Assistant Professor of Painting; Blake Sanders, Foundations Instructor; and Hannah March Sanders, Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Southeast Missouri State University.

The exchange was exhibited at Catapult Creative House and at the Provost’s Faculty Research and Creativity Showcase at Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus in Spring of 2016.