Upcoming Projects

So, we got married.... now what are we gonna do?

We are both active in a constant flow of portfolio exchanges and exhibitions across the world. We recently participated in a show in Estonia,

Hannah's work was recently in the 2011 Boston Printmakers Biennial, juried by Jim Dine, and Blake was recently featured in the International Print Center New York's New Prints 2011/Winter Exhibition. His work was even discussed in Michelle Levy's curatorial essay on the show! (download a PDF of the essay here.)

See below for more projects in progress.

Frogman's Print & Paper Workshop 30th Anniversiary, Assistants Portfolio Exchange & Exhibition

Blake recently organized an exchange portfolio and exhibition for all past and present Assistants at Frogman's Print & Paper Workshop at The University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD.

Summer 2011 will was Frogman's 30th Anniversiary! As a loyal Assistant for many years now, Blake felt it a fitting tribute to organize a portfolio that was displayedin Beresford, SD (the original home of Frogman's Press) during the workshops.

The theme of the portfolio is Metamorphosis, and particpants are asked to use at least 1 process in their print that they learned at the workshop. There are 38 participants!

The exhibition was on display during Frogman's Print and Paper Workshop at the Nuance Gallery in Beresford, South Dakota. A copy was donated to Frogman's permanant collection.

The exhibition is currently traveling to the University of North Texas to be on display. We would also like to get copies into the International Print Center in New York as well as Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto, Japan. Details pending. Let us know if your University might like to show off this beautiful collection of prints! We have a fully framed set of prints ready to ship.

Operation Screen Print, Orange Barrels Style

Hannah applied for two grants this year to fund our plans for starting up a screen print press. Sadly, we didn't receive either one, but at least now we have a great budget and proposal! And we think we can do it all on our own with just a slightly longer timeline, anyway.

Here's an excerpt from my proposal to start our own screen print operation:

"I am passionate about the many possibilities of screen-printing. It is one of the lowest budget, lowest space requirement processes, yet screen-printing allows for a full range of image making from digital to hand drawn. Additionally, large editions may be printed on a wide variety of substrates ranging from the 2-D to sculptural objects, wearable art and installation pieces.

"Screen-print has the most fluid relationship with digital media, a relationship that must continue to be explored if printmaking is to survive in budget-strapped universities worldwide. Furthermore, screen-printing is virtually nontoxic, with very little health risks or environmental impact. Due to a recent revival of hand-made craft and screen’s historical role in underground culture, I find that students are already aware of screen and approach it with inspiration and enthusiasm. Therefore, an investment in screen-print is an investment in sustainability of the printmaking medium."