I’m Very Nearly Awesome: The Knight Who Nearly

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I’m Very Nearly Awesome: The Knight Who Nearly

So much has changed in the last few years! I was looking through old Blog Post Drafts, and I found this gem about how I very nearly was awesome in 2013. Three years later, I’m in my second year of teaching printmaking fulltime and have a wonderful little boy. I feel like now Blake has […]

Nap Time and Holiday Car Trouble

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Nap Time and Holiday Car Trouble

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, you’ve probably seen all the Levee there is to see. But I’m going to post a picture here, too. Because, you know. Just in case. It is nap time, a time when I should be folding laundry, putting away dishes, sewing, crocheting, drawing. Instead, I am […]

1 Year Old

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1 Year Old

The Leveegator turned 1 on December 4th. It has been both a fast and a slow year–really, just the right length. I began this post thinking that I had a lot to say on the occasion of his one year birthday, and I think I do, I just don’t know how to phrase it at […]

Levee’s Birth Announcement

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We’re still working on a post about the saga that was Levee’s birth–we’ve been holding off till some pregnant friends and family had they’re own nuggets so as not to make them squeamish. It’ll get posted soon, but for now it’s a lot more fun to have the varmint to play with rather than dwell […]

Week 39: Any Time Now

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Tuesday appointment: all was normal and good. Print Nugget gained about 3/4 lb. in the past couple of weeks, which sounds good to us, but it’s still small (under 10th percentile.) It got an 8 out of 8 on its Bio Physical and full marks on the Non-stress Test once again. The doctor’s plan remains […]

Week 37: The print nugget is funsize

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Another Friday, another doctor’s appointment. Today was Hannah’s second ultrasound in as many weeks, to check on the growth rate of the undersized nugget. In the last two weeks it’s gained a little less than half a pound, from 4lb. 5oz. to 4lb. 12oz. That was about a half pound less than the ultrasound tech. […]

Week 35: It’s small! And hairy!

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At my appointment 2 weeks ago, the nurse practitioner told me that I was “measuring 2cm small.” This means that the height of my uterus is shorter than expected, and each cm small = approximately 1 week potentially behind development. This isn’t a huge thing. I could just be small and growing a small but […]

The Invisible Baby Shower

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Baby Bump: 34.5 weeks in front of a beloved painting by Jane Fox Hipple Well, y’all, I just don’t know what to do in this situation. I’d love to have a baby shower. I didn’t even think I would. You know how our wedding went down: we tried to do everything ourselves, on a budget, […]

Karate Kid, Approaching 26 Weeks

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We had another Doctor’s appointment on Friday. The waiting room wowed us once again with amazing television programming while we waited. Last time, it was I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant. This time, we tried our best to ignore episodes of The Duggars’19 Kids and Counting. This appointment was mainly to check my system to […]

Print Nugget Update

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Print Nugget Update

We had another ultrasound and doctor’s appointment today. Normally they wouldn’t have done another ultrasound at this point, but during last month’s, the baby kept putting its hands up over the heart and blocking it. They wanted to take measurements to make sure everything was developing correctly, so they took another peek today. Everything seems […]