We’re happy to announce that Encountering Our Indelible Mark, an exhibition Blake organized featuring about a dozen artists from around the world, will be part of the upcoming IMPACT10 conference in Spain!

The roster includes Charles Beneke Emmy Lingscheit Sean Caulfield Ericka Walker Todd Anderson Nicole Pietrantoni as well as Melanie Yazzie, Nancy Campbell, Sercan Sahin, Patricia Delgado, Michael Reed, and Hannah March Sanders.

We’ll share more details as the show takes shape. Blake would love to take the show on the road if any institutions are interested in hosting it after the conference in September.

We were going to wait till the organizers updated the website, but other folks are announcing their events so we can too!

Participating Artists

  1. Blake Sanders: Instructor, Southeast Missouri State University, USA
    Hannah March Sanders: Assistant Professor, Southeast Missouri State University, USA
  2. Patricia Delgado: Artist and Illustrator, Spain
  3. Charles Beneke: Professor, University of Akron, USA
  4. Nancy Campbell: Artist, writer, and editor of Printmaking Today journal; Scotland, United Kingdom
  5. Todd Anderson: Assistant Professor, Clemson University, USA
  6. Sean Caulfield: Professor, University of Alberta, Canada
  7. Emmy Lingscheit: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  8. Michael Reed: Tutor in design and Printmaking, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand
  9. Nicole Pietrantoni: Assistant Professor, Whitman College, USA
    Ericka Walker: Assistant Professor, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Canada (by way of USA)
  10. Melanie Yazzie: Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder, Navajo Nation & USA
  11. Sercan Sahin: Instructor, Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland (by way of Turkey)

Participating Artists’ Work Samples


Santander, 2018
1 al 9 de Septiembre / September 1st to 9th