Collaborative Books from Sketchbook Bootcamp 2018 at TN Governor’s School for the Arts

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Collaborative Books from Sketchbook Bootcamp 2018 at TN Governor’s School for the Arts

Below are the pages from three collaborative accordion books students worked on at this year’s Gov. School sketchbook class. Each class had a small book to work in, and one larger book that students from both classes helped create. Blake built the books, encasing the covers in repurposed fabric from the local Goodwill. Then students […]

A long time coming: The “Raising” series

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Daryl and Brandon’s prints nearing completion If you follow our Facebook or Instagram feeds you’ve seen a persistent release of drawings and print layers lately without a whole lot of context. I’ve appreciated the feedback and support! What you’ve been seeing recently has been the drawings and screen layers of a suite of prints involving […]

Anticipating a Birthday and Remembering an Anniversary

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Hannah’s Great Big Book of Baby Stuff!! This morning Hannah and I were introduced to the Women and Children’s Services area at Southeast Hospital. In the old days I suppose it would’ve been called the Maternity Ward. We walked the eight blocks or so to the hospital to gauge if the hike would be doable […]

Travel Journal: Colorado & Iowa

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We just returned from a whirlwind month of travel to Chicago, Detroit, Colorado and Iowa! But don’t worry, we’re taking off again in a couple of weeks for Georgia, Florida… and maybe New York! We’ll see about that last one… Chicago and Detroit were for just for fun and arts research with Mom&Sue (we got […]

RIP Count von Count, Jerry Nelson 1934-2012

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My contributions to this blog in the earliest days were inspired by a rediscovery of the Muppets and the inspiration they have provided for me. The sincerity and dedication of Jim Henson and company was always at the forefront of every performance. Another of the great first generation Muppeteers, Jerry Nelson, died Friday at 78. […]