• Offspring

    Due Date: December, 3rd 2014. In lieu of a traditional baby shower, we're scheming a digital alternative. Click for details or to leave comments!

  • MAPC 2014: The Quilted Print

    Orange Barrel Industries presented a demonstration of relief printing on fabric and basic sewing techniques at MAPC 2014. FREE PDF PRINTABLE HANDOUT!

  • About

    Orange Barrel Industries is a collaboration between two nomadic printmakers: Blake Sanders and Hannah March Sanders. We're professors on the hunt for permanant gigs, affordable fresh produce and donations of scrap fabric. Have press? We'll travel!

  • Invite Us!

    We'd love to participate in your Portfolio / Exhibition / Panel Discussion / Visiting Artists' Program!

  • Blessed Unions: SGCI 2011

    HOW IT ALL BEGAN: We were married in a series of official 2011 Southern Graphics Council Conference International events entitled Blessed Unions in Saint Louis, Missouri. Blessed Unions was comprised of three days of functions including an exhibition at Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, a panel discussion on making printmaking partnerships work, and two wedding ceremony performances.