Moneypit, Color Lithograph and Screenprint, 15″x22″, 2018

Moneypit was created for the Too Bad the Good Times Don’t Last” portfolio exchange for, Altered Landscapes, the upcoming SGCI conference in Las Vegas. This is the first piece in a new series of prints that will focus on our family’s complicity in ecological degradation. In the scene a goliath toddler, a portrait of my son Levee, helps destroy McMansions surrounded by construction equipment and lumber—standing at the ready to replace the slightly stale. Beneath his feet is evidence of human’s insatiable consumption and reliance on built in obsolescence. The scene critiques outdated benchmarks like “New Housing Starts”, indicators that demand destroying perfectly good properties to feed an insatiable economy. The patchwork faceted houses loom in the background like baroque nightmares of the late capitalist American Dream. Younger consumers are foregoing home ownership; it is my hope this is an indicator of ecological restraint and not merely an economic necessity.